About Us

2008-2016: Great years at ASN
ASN has flourished since 2008. The organization has expanded and enhanced its reach, influence, and impact. We’ve taken great strides in supporting our mission: promoting excellence in arts education. In the past six years, we strengthened ASN’s image, message, and dissemination of information. Beginning with a new look, new website, and e-communications, we successfully transitioned from a “brick and mortar” to a virtual organization with a robust presence. School memberships have grown dramatically in number, demographics, and geography. Individual members have heightened their involvement in our essential committees, out of which our programs and events are born. Our supporters, who are vital to our activities and goals, have increased in both number, funding, and types of support.During these years, we created and launched programs that recognize excellence and achievement by its member schools, leaders, and students. Our Exemplary Schools, Awards and Recognition, and On Your Way programs have continued to grow in participation and scope. We initiated the Know More webinar series to inform our members on current, crucial issues in arts education.Our summits and annual conferences have given ASN’s members the opportunity for real-time, face-to-face networking.  In the past eight years of annual conferences, we have built on the efforts and success of previous gatherings. We have continued to enhance the number and quality of speakers, venues, and performances. Our member school hosts and other supporters have been instrumental in making the ASN annual conference the high point of the year and the epitome of our organization’s value.

Arts school leaders have unique, contextual needs for professional development specific to school-type and job.  By convening with peers and representatives from relevant industries, they are collectively creating tomorrow’s artists and patrons.

Arts Schools Network is a non-profit association founded in 1981, dedicated to its mission to provide leaders in arts schools with quality resources, support, and networking opportunities.

Our vision is to be the premier resource for arts schools leaders.

Our smart goals are twofold:

  • to identify membership needs and provide resources to meet those needs, and
  • to be a valuable member of the arts learning ecosystem.

ASN has provided communications, programs, services, and events to support these goals for more than 30 years.

Together, our members represent art leaders, schools, and organizations from around the world. Together, they share experiences and expertise in such areas as planning, facilities, finance and fundraising, admissions and recruitment, teacher training, arts integration, community and parent relations, evaluation, career development, and more.
At ASN, we’re getting it….together.