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As elementary and middle schools which have a focus on the arts, I am interested to know more about the articulation experience. Specifically, I’d like to know your thoughts about the following:

1) If you are an elementary or middle school, do you have a strong connection with schools at different levels that your students will go to (or have come from)?

2) Is there a formal mechanism in place for general education, arts teachers, or both to collaborate along the K-12 spectrum?

In my current district (Hillsborough County Public Schools in Tampa, FL), we have been fortunate to have the opportunity to engage in a Professional Learning Community with arts teachers for the five magnet arts schools. This collaboration has afforded each school the opportunity to share best practices and for students at each level to learn from one another. I am curious to know if there are other models out there that exist or if anyone else would like to know more about what we are doing.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this subject!

Scott Rudes
Chair, Elementary and Middle School Committee

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  1. Marly Parker says:

    I remember you speaking at the Chicago Arts Schools Network conference about the Professional Learning Community (PLC) that exists in the Hillsborough County Public Schools. I find that model to be an excellent resource for how to go about establishing cross curricular dialogue that enhances the education of our students. At my school (Rotella Interdistrict Magnet School), I try to attend the grade level PLC and I receive the lesson plans of the teachers. The lesson plans afford me the opportunity to see what is currently being taught so I can integrate drama and the current curriculum into my Drama class lessons.

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