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The online ASN Members’ Directory is a searchable database that includes key information about ASN members. All ASN members may log in to view and manage their profiles.

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If you are an ASN member, the directory is your hub for networking with other arts administrators, teachers, schools, and arts organizations. Be sure to  update your profile often with the latest information about you and your school/organization, then use the directory to:

  • find other ASN members who share your professional interests and challenges
  • build relationships by locating member schools in your city/state/region
  • learn more about ASN’s current Exemplary Schools, whose best practices may provide a roadmap to success, and more!

It’s just another way we’re helping our members connect.

About the top image (from left to right): Mark Williams, Chair, Literary Media and Communications, Duke Ellington School of the Arts; Andrew Laue, Associate Director, Fine Arts Admissions, Webster University; Leslie Gaston-Bird, Associate Professor of Music and Chair of the Music & Entertainment Industry Studies Department, College of Arts & Media, University of Colorado Denver; Lily Weiss, Executive Director, The Dallas Arts District; Jeff Poulin,  Arts Education Program Manager, Americans for the Arts; Louisa Castrodale, Arts Coordinator (K-12), Palm Springs Unified School District

ASN Organizational Member Listing

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