President’s Letter

Greeting ASN enthusiasts!

It is my privilege to serve as the President of the Board of Directors for Arts Schools Network. Since 1981, ASN has been at the forefront of arts education by bringing together arts leaders, teaching artists, and educators for the betterment of students, young artists, and arts schools.

In many ways, the educational landscape has changed since ASN was founded. The recession of 2008 challenged leaders to find new sources of revenue in order to continue providing the education in which we so deeply believe.  In the United States, we continue to struggle to create access for all students to ensure they acquire the creative skills they will need to be successful in the future. But ASN believes in the transformative power of the arts in the lives of young people. It is for this reason that our board of twenty-two directors along with a membership of 207 schools continue to work tirelessly for our students today and the students we seek to serve tomorrow.

If you are not a member of ASN, I encourage you to lean in and learn more about us today. Explore our website where you will find webinars and our Exemplary Schools Program. Plan now to bring a cadre of artists and educators to our annual conference to share with colleagues from around the world. Whether your journey with ASN is just beginning or your school is a founding member of the Network, we are overjoyed to have you are with us and look forward to engaging with you in the future.

ASN will continue to be a resource for arts schools leaders and an advocate for arts education, as creativity, innovation, and collaboration become the currency of the 21st Century.


Pamela Jordan
President, ASN Board of Directors
President, Idyllwild Arts Foundation and
Head of School, Idyllwild Arts Academy and Summer Program