An Opportunity for Arts High Schools: ASN Partners with SNAAP in 2016

How many of your arts high school alumni are currently working as professional artists? What other careers have they gone into, and how relative was their arts high school education? How do your graduates compare to those from other arts high schools?

SNAAP invites arts high schools to register for the 2016 SNAAP survey – with a special discount for ASN arts high school members.

Registration is open now at The registration deadline is Friday, July 29.




The 2016 survey is the first time since 2013 that arts high schools have been able to participate in the annual SNAAP survey. SNAAP 2.0 includes a new core questionnaire, topical modules, and a data visualization report. High schools will need to submit a contact file with names and email addresses of as many graduates as possible.

“SNAAP data help us understand our long-term impact on students’ lives. The knowledge that we gain from SNAAP also helps us grapple with imagining how we prepare our students and school for the future, a hugely important question for all creative institutions.” –Chris Ford, Director, Baltimore School for the Arts

See the Invitation to Participate for more information.

Contact the SNAAP staff – Sally Gaskill and Becca Houghton — at (812) 856-5824 or