Arts Schools Network is proud to share the additional resources and information to support you and your school communities during this time. Thanks to our incredible partners for sharing these resources and opportunities!

Full Sail University - FREE Webinars

We hope these webinars can provide some supplemental materials, the sessions for this week are listed below.  Remember to register even if you can’t attend the live session to receive the archive. 


Upcoming Free Webinar’s 


May 26th REGISTER HERE – for the archive

How to use Film Music Techniques in GarageBand for Non-Musicians.

David Nielsen (Associate Course Director – Music Production Department) provides info on how to use certain techniques to create a film score within GarageBand for non-musicians.


May 26th, Podcasting Part 1 - The Art of Creating a Podcast REGISTER HERE  for the archive

Join Mark Campbell, Graduate of Full Sail’s Digital Arts and Design Bachelor’s Degree Program, as he takes you through a 3-part series on starting a podcast while learning concepts from recording to promoting. 

Part 1 starts with the basics anyone with a smartphone and an email can use.


May 27th, Wednesday 4:00 PM Podcasting Part 2 - Creating the Brand REGISTER HERE

Part 2 will focus on basic design apps accessible from your phone to create the look and feel of your brand.


May 28th, Thursday 4:00 PM Podcasting Part 3 - Broadcasting on the internet REGISTER HERE

Part 3 will address sharing your podcast with the public using only your smartphone.


Down the Road Full Sail Outreach FREE Webinar Calendar

June 2ND, Tuesday 11:00 AM Essential Networking Techniques in a Changing World


June 2rd, Tuesday 2:00 PM Pursuing Your Dreams: Recording Arts Grad Alexis Roos 


June 3rd, Wednesday 2:00 PM How to Record and Design Sound Effects for Games


June 10th, Wednesday 2:00 PM Helping Young Students Manage their Digital Footprint


June 11th, Thursday 11:00 AM Beyond the Fourth Wall: Careers in the Film Industry


June 12th, Friday 11:00 AM Adobe Premiere Rush: The "Do-It-All-Quickly" App


June 30thTuesday 11:00 AM UI/UX Case Study: Teaching from Home in Uncertain Circumstances

Do Rad Things - Mark Rivard

DEFEAT is not in our DNA:

Do Rad Things- Skateboard Art Packages & Exhibition.

Let’s beat this thing. Homeschool is the new COOL SCHOOL!

The COVID 19 Skateboard Art Package includes a blank, 7 ply Canadian Maple skateboard deck, 1 pack of Twin Tip Sharpies, and 3 custom Do Rad Things Skateboard Art Templates. All ages, kid-friendly of course, but also awesome for adults too! Make art as a family! A great homeschool project for your kids! Email me anytime with questions, [email protected] Also, follow @DoRadThings, @RivardArt on Instagram for latest info. @RivardArt on Facebook. @RivardArt on Youtube.

Informational and educational videos posting daily to my Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram pages! Let’s stay inspired, creative, and educated!

IF YOU ARE IN THE TWIN CITIES I WILL BE DELIVERING ORDERS! Please use Code: LOCAL at checkout for free shipping.

#KeepMakingArt: A Campaign To Inspire Hope And Connection

In just the last few weeks, our world has seen rapid changes in light of the global pandemic of COVID-19: schools have sent students home, cultural institutions have shut their doors; parents and educators are working from home in a new virtual space, and communities are filled with anxiety about their health and wellbeing.

Our field – the folks who’s work sits at the intersection of arts and culture, youth and community development, and social justice – has seen unprecedented losses of income, identity, and hope. However, overwhelming evidence shows the power of arts and culture to lift spirits, inspire change, and unify communities. Since the onset of COVID-19, artists and cultural organizations have been creatively responding - physically and online - to support young people, families, and communities alike.

In response to these rapid changes and worldwide uncertainty, a global movement has begun to spark joy, inspire action, and bring togetherness - #KeepMakingArt. 

The goal of the campaign is simple:

Inspire and support youth, educators & artists, parents, and organizations to keep making art despite the tremendous circumstances we are facing. 

Through a bit of coordination, over 200 partners from all six continents have come together in an unprecedented amount of time – only 8 days – to provide the necessary resources and support to catalytic leaders in communities around the world.

Click Here To Participate