The Leadership Certificate, a nine-month completely virtual program that will begin in January 2022, emerged from a global study integrating theories of mindfulness, critical reflection, arts entrepreneurship, and educational futures to cultivate the next generation of leaders working in the cultural and education sectors. 

The goal of this work is to prepare individuals who are equipped to reimagine the structures of leadership, evolve cultural and education ecosystems, and develop sustainable systems which cultivate the creative capabilities of young people. With three learning sessions and monthly gatherings, participants will form a meaningful community of practice to grow their leadership skills. 

Co-convened by Arts Schools Network and Creative Generation, participants will connect with a cohort of other aspiring leaders to share knowledge, grow their practice, and enact new visions for their work. Graduation will occur in October 2022 at the ASN Conference in Las Vegas, NV.

Registration is now closed.  For questions or more information about this program, contact [email protected]