Hear what our members have to say about Arts Schools Network...


It is essential to be a part of the larger community of artist educators. Not only do we look to the group for support and its collective wisdom, but we provide experience and leadership for the group. – Douglas Ashcraft, Music Faculty, Idyllwild Arts Academy, Idyllwild, CA.





 ASN allows us to connect with other schools across the nation that also value arts education. These schools enable Idaho Arts    Charter to grow as they share their best practices and new ideas. – Jackie Collins, Principal, Idaho Arts Charter School, Nampa, ID



In 18 years of education or arts conferences, this one has the most significant impact on our district-wide arts development.  Between the professional connections in all art forms from across the country and the diverse sessions provided inside renowned arts/educational institutions, there is no organization that provides the authentic experiences and unique value accomplished by the Arts Schools Network. If I attend only one conference each year, this will be the one. – Kate Fioravanti, District Arts  Supervisor, New London Public Schools, CT



I have gained so much from meeting the people who lead and teach at arts high schools throughout the country, as well as those from higher education who connect arts high school students to colleges and careers. The annual conference is exhilarating… especially the site visits of local art schools to see the finest American arts education in action. – Sally Gaskill, Director, Strategic National Arts Alumni Project (SNAAP), Indiana University Center for Postsecondary Research, Bloomington, IN





Membership in Arts Schools Network has brought me into contact with the premier arts educational professionals in the field. My professional life has been enriched with ideas, strategies, and – most importantly – relationships that will last a lifetime. – Donn K. Harris, Executive Director of the Institute for Creativity and the Arts, San Francisco Unified School District; Chairman, California Arts Council




 Arts Schools Network is an amazing collection of artists and educators whose passion is teaching and supporting young people in their artistic development.  ASN allows me to be connected with these creative individuals, to share best practices on preparing students for higher education, and to strategize on the long-term future in the Arts.  It is a truly unique organization not found anywhere else.  - Andrew Laue, Associate Director, Fine Arts Admissions, Webster University, St. Louis, MO



I am particularly interested in linking the common core with the arts, aligning curriculum, and integrating the arts across the curriculum.  I am proud to serve on the ASN Board of Directors.  Participation in this forum allows professionals to share best practices as well as current and accurate information regarding arts education and the political climate that surrounds it. – Diane Makas, Artistic Director,
Academy for the Performing Arts, Huntington Beach, CA





“… the Arts Schools Network represents the schools that graduate the very students we are trying to reach. Through my association with the ASN, I have participated in important policy discussions concerning the education, careers and future development of our next generation of artists. ASN provides a vital service to both the arts and the education communities. – Valerie Morris Dean, School of the Arts, College of Charleston





I am an ASN member because I believe in the arts and the impact they have on students’ lives. I able to network with people who have the same beliefs. I am able to use these connections to help make myself a better teacher. After I attend conferences I share what I learned with my colleagues, spreading valuable information to more people. – Marly Parker, Drama Literacy Specialist, Rotella Interdistrict Magnet School, Hartford, CT





Upon attending my first ASN conference, I knew I had found the key to greater success. – Scott M. Rudes, Ph.D.
, Principal, Booker T. Washington School for the Performing and Visual Arts, Dallas TX







ASN provides the best opportunity to learn and to contribute to a growing area of content regarding arts education. – Jeff Seibert, Manager Artistic Excellence Program, School for the Creative and Performing Arts, Cincinnati, OH





I would encourage every school to go through the [Exemplary Schools application] process. It raised relevant questions and caused us to re-evaluate our approaches… Your self-assessment guide made the team realize that we owed it to our faculty, students, and community to always keep moving and changing. – Scott Walker, Principal, Las Vegas Academy for the Arts, Las Vegas, NV




ASN is a great way to have relationships with the colleges and conservatories our students will attend…and with peers in art schools all over the country. We will always be grateful to ASN members who helped us at the time of our greatest need (post-Katrina) and found landing places for displaced students. – Kyle Wedberg, President and CEO, New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA), New Orleans, LA


It is imperative that art schools across the nation unite to work together and share ideas for being the best possible creative institutions for our students. - Melanie Hart, Visual Arts Teacher, School for Creative and Performing Arts, Cincinnati, OH 

I value the vision of the ASN organization and the hard work that they do on behalf of their members. ASN empowers me and my practice and remains current and relevant in today’s changing world. – Bonnie Ishii, Music and Dance Teacher, Burnaby School District, BC, Canada

I am proud that HSPVA is a founding member of ASN and I hope we contributed positively to other programs over the years. As ASN grows, and more voices for the arts are available for the exchange of ideas, member schools are generously and enthusiastically embracing creative dialogue. My students, their parents and friends, my colleagues and I are discovering resources and connecting in many unexpected ways! The Life in Arts segment is a favorite! I enjoy seeing what everyone is doing and it challenges us. I love that! Thanks ASN! – Eileen Montgomery, Retired Chair, Visual Arts, Houston’s High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, Montrose, TX.

My passion for the arts blended with the importance they play in the lives of everyone has led me to membership in ASN.  – Debbie Smith, Principal, Center for Creative Arts, Chattanooga, TN