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The premiere application and audition platform. 

At Acceptd, our purpose is to help people in the arts community flourish.We do this by connecting artists with opportunities and communities that matter most to them. Our goal is to be the #1 centralized resource for the arts industry. In pursuit of this, we have helped over 450,000 artists follow their calling by creating a software platform for them to identify, apply, and get accepted to the arts programs of their dreams. 


Research shows that when the arts are a part of a young person’s education, they positively contribute to readiness for college, career, and life. A student who has four years of arts education is likely to score on average 100 points higher on the SAT.  A student who has high arts involvement is 44% more likely to graduate college and 50% more likely to obtain gainful employment. Similarly, schools that are arts-rich have better parent involvement, decreased dropout rates, and higher teacher satisfaction. Learn more about the benefits of arts education in this e-book from Americans for the Arts.

As leaders in art schools, we are perfectly positioned to be advocates for arts education in our schools, communities, states, and nation. Arts Schools Network partners with Americans for the Arts – the nation’s leading nonprofit organization for advancing the arts and arts education – to develop a number of tools and resources to help arts schools leaders take action. Begin by reading the set of e-books or craft your personal advocacy plan using the Arts Education Navigator web tool.

Parents and students can be advocates, too! As a leader, it is your responsibility to engage them in your coordinated advocacy efforts. Within the Arts Education Navigator, there are sections designated specifically for parents, students, and educators.

To learn more about Arts Education, visit Americans for the Arts.



Believing that informed policymakers create better education policy, Education Commission of the States provides state leaders with unbiased policy research and reporting, targeted technical support and the opportunity to learn from peers in other states. We do this both by looking back to learn from prior state experiences and by looking forward to new and innovative ways for states to meet their goals.  Established in 1995 and now a policy center within the Education Commission of the States, the Arts Education Partnership (AEP) is dedicated to securing a high-quality arts education for every young person in America. AEP serves partner organizations by providing priority access to research and creating opportunities for communication and collaboration between art disciplines and across sectors on key education issues.

Click here to view The Arts – Leading the Way to Success: A 2020 Action Agenda for Advancing The Arts in Education

Visit Arts Education Partnership.


MajoringInMusic.com provides tools and guidance to empower well-informed decisions and choices about majoring in music and establishing a viable career in music. 

  • Created in 2011 to support students, parents, music teachers, guidance counselors, and anyone else in a position to mentor students about their post-graduate plans.
  • Topics include: Choosing music schools, applying and auditioning, double majoring, paying for school, exploring many music-related careers, and continuing with music but not as a major.
  • Easy access to key information about more than 65 diverse music schools and over 70 summer music programs.

Visit MajoringInMusic.com and share the website with your students,  their families, and your colleagues.  

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To join advocates for music education, visit the Support Music Coalition supported by the NAMM Foundation.