Birmingham, Alabama | October 24-26, 2023

Are you interested in presenting a breakout session at the ASN 2023 Conference focusing on one of our content pathways?

Below is what you need to know to prepare a proposal to present!


To ensure highly engaging and meaningful sessions for conference attendees, ASN invites you to submit a presentation/session proposal for one of our content pathways for consideration. Prior to completing a submission, please review the following presenter information for our 2023 Conference.

PLEASE NOTE:  The conference committee will be coordinating sessions focused on the conference theme of Teaching Anti-Racism and Equity Through the Arts, so we are only seeking presentations for the following pathways:

  • Social Emotional Health and Mindfulness
  • Self-care for Staff
  • Self-care for Students
  • Master Scheduling in an Arts School
  • Promoting Relationships, Curriculum, and Instructional Content between Arts and Academic Teachers
  • Fundraising/Foundation Establishment and or Grant Writing
  • Innovative Leadership or Teaching Practices

Session Format for all Breakout Sessions

All breakout sessions for the 2023 conference will be 75 minutes in length.

Participation and Engagement

All proposed sessions should actively engage participants in hands-on experiences, collaborative challenges, in-depth discussions, or the development of new ideas and hands-on application.

Tips to make your proposal stand out:

  • Pick a topic that is timely, relevant, thought-provoking, and genuinely interests you. What lessons are you learning from challenges you're encountering or successes you're experiencing on school campuses?  How can those lessons be applied more broadly?
  • Be clear and captivating in your title and description. A good title will invite the attendee to join by making the topic and coverage distinct and engaging. Make sure that your description supports the title.
  • Proofread and edit what you’ve submitted so reviewers know you’ve taken the time to perfect your submission.
  • Do you have a captivating lesson for your students and plan to guide your peers through this lesson? Let perspective audience members know in your description!

Criteria used to review proposals:

Presentation proposals should be timely, carefully considered, and interactive sessions should provide resources, takeaways, and/or action points. To ensure that every participant feels their time spent in workshops is valuable, reviewers will consider some of the following criteria when evaluating presentation proposals:

  • Relevance: The proposed session should interface with the felt needs, challenges, and opportunities in today’s schools, organizations, and society.  The session proposal aligns with the conference's overall theme.
  • Approach: The following should be clear: the session description and objectives, how the session adds value to the conference and serves attendees, who the target audience is, what modes of facilitation the presenters will use, and what takeaways participants can expect.
  • Creativity and innovation: The session should provide a new lens or perspective on its topic.
  • Demonstrated expertise: The session should present original research, applied knowledge of recognized research or theory, models or use of evidence-based practices, personal mastery, and/or reflective practice.
  • Impact: The session should lend itself to professional or personal application. It should be designed to encourage attendees to contemplate follow-up, continued exploration, and action planning on various levels.
All proposals must be submitted via the link above by April 10, 2023. 
Notification of Selection
All proposals selected for presentation at the 2023 conference will be notified through email of acceptance to present by May 5, 2023.


If you have questions, please email our Educational Events Coordinator, William Kohut, at [email protected].