Arts Schools Network E-Learning Series is BACK!

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Each quarter, ASN will offer a webinar with experts in their fields on varying topics to help you grow, succeed, and continue learning.

 ASN E-Learning Series Calendar: Spring/Fall 2021

 December 7, 2021 @ 4:00 pm EST

ASN is excited to partner with Broadway Dreams for one last session before the end of the year!
December 7, 2021
4 pm EST/ 3 pm CST/ 1 pm PST
Free for ASN Members/$75 for Non-members



May 13, 2021, @ 4:00 pm EST

Re-Connecting our School Communities through the Arts

As we reopen schools and reconnect as communities, our students, teachers, staff, and families are dealing with collective trauma. Before schools can help students academically we must be intentional in creating spaces and opportunities for human connection and social reconnection. The arts are an important piece of that recovery.

This session will explore how to build ensemble, strong communities and provide arts-based activities that support Socio-Emotional learning goals.

Focus:  Social-Emotional health, Rebuilding

Presented by:  Jenn Katona, Founder/President, 3 Looms

View the Recording HERE.


April 22, 2021, @ 4:00 pm EST

Mindfulness and How Art Can Increase Inclusion Awareness

This session incorporates elements that help create more inclusive environments amongst both students and staff in your organization. By using the mindfulness of introspection, each attendee will have the opportunity to do a self-audit in regards to their relationship with inclusion. Weaved throughout the program will be artistic examples related to this topic, along with tools to use creativity to foster awareness and create dialogue.

Focus:  Race, Equity, Inclusion, Mindfulness


Presented by:  Edward Young, III, Illuminational Speaker, Mindfulness Expert, Founder and Host of One Minute Motivation
View the recording HERE.


March 25, 2021, @ 4:00 pm EST

Knowing what to do starts with knowing who you are: Claiming unchanging values in uncertain times

For the past year, life has seemed in near-constant doubt or disarray, with individuals and organizations alike struggling to sustain established routines and plan confidently for the future. Our most successful decisions in the face of such uncertainty are those rooted in unchanging values—in beliefs, intentions, and principles that we know will hold fast, even as the world around us shifts unpredictably. This is particularly true for institutions recalibrating communications strategies to meet the changing and competing needs of this moment. Shelly Peters of CRANE | Atlanta has helped schools, universities, and nonprofit organizations leverage enduring purpose and principles to add credibility, stability, and resonance to messaging and marketing. She believes that now more than ever, the stories you tell must feel and be unshakably true, built on the steady bedrock of your mission and your values. In this workshop, Shelly will help you think about both whats and whys: what your campus or curriculum comprises and also why your school or program exists. You’ll also explore how to focus your messaging on the things that should and will remain constant, instead of fixating on the things currently in flux.


Focus:  Marketing, Branding, Mission 

Presented By:  Shelly Peters, Principal, CRANE | Atlanta

View the recording HERE.


February 25, 2021, @ 4:00 pm EST

 Keys to College Success: How to Prepare Students for a Successful Transition

In this session, you will gather information regarding instructional techniques and curricula designed to help prepare students for success in higher education, for the world we live in today. What works, what doesn't work, lesson planning and in-classroom teaching methods will be presented with an eye towards understanding what is expected at the college level. 


Focus:  College Admissions, Next Steps 

Presented By:

Patricia Decker, Director of Recruitment, NYU Tisch School of the Arts
Laurence Kaptain, Dean, The College of Arts & Media, University of Colorado Denver 
Andrew Laue, Associate Director, Fine Arts Admissions, Webster University 
Joseph Price, Department Head Theatre and Dance, Missouri State University  
View the recording HERE.