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Now accepting proposals for sessions. Proposals due by March 15, 2018 

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Request for Proposals Information and Guidelines

To ensure highly engaging and meaningful sessions for conference attendees, ASN invites you to submit a presentation/session proposal for consideration. Prior to completing a submission, please review the following presenter information for our 2018 conference, Arts in Motion. 



All sessions will fit into one of the following time frame options:

  • 90-minute sessions
  • 75-minute sessions
  • 60-minute sessions

Participation and Engagement:  All proposed sessions should actively engage participants in hands-on experiences, collaborative challenges, in-depth discussions, or development of new ideas and applications.

Submission Process:  All proposals will be submitted via this online form by March 15, 2018.

Content Strands:  All proposed sessions will fit within an established content strand (list below) 

Session Topic Examples:
-       Hiring the Best and Brightest:  How to attract and retain the best faculty and staff
-       Professional Development Strategies
-       Conflict Management
-       Team Dynamics
Marketing & Development
Session Topic Examples:
-       Fundraising
-       Creating a Sustainable Financial Model
-       Building New Programs from Scratch
-       Building a Brand
-       Recruitment
-       Board Management
Innovative Programming & Partnerships
Session Topic Examples:
-       Technology in the Arts
-       Innovative Partnership Building
-       Creative Practices in the Corporate World
-       Arts and Academic Integration
-       Applied Creativity: Artistic paths through non-arts fields
-       Complex Instruction
Equity & Inclusion
Session Topic Examples:
-       Community Arts Outreach
-       Arts Connect: Connecting with non-profits outside of the arts
-       Introduction to Art Therapy
-       Providing Special Services in an art school
Film & Television/Digital Media
Session Topic Examples:
-       College Readiness in Film: How to prepare your students for entry into the best film schools
-       Film Studies Best Practices
-       Teaching Film on a Shoestring Budget
-       Innovative Topics in Film and/or Digital Media
Session Topic Examples:
-       College Readiness in Dance: How to prepare your students for entry into the best dance programs
-       Dance Injury Prevention
-       Teaching World Dance
-       Innovative Topics in Film and/or Digital Media


Examples of Actively Engaging Session Formats

  1. Buzz Sessions – Buzz Sessions consist of a moderator and subject matter experts who facilitate a discussion from a variety of perspectives on a given topic.  Attendees participate in the discussion by contributing their ideas regarding how to address an issue or reacting to the information that has been presented.
  2. “Dare to Ask” Sessions – “Dare to Ask” Sessions facilitate inspiration, networking, brainstorming and solutions to Arts School challenges.
  3. World Café Sessions- World Café Sessions host Large Group Dialogue in small group rounds.
  4. The Fish Bowl- The Fish Bowl is a method of exploring a concept, challenge or hot topic that involves a small group (5-8) seated in a circle, having a conversation in full view of a large group of listeners. 
  5. Best Practices Sessions – Best Practices Sessions initiate the sharing of ideas, experiences, challenges, and solutions in focused roundtable discussions.
  6. Programming Brainshares – Programming Brainshares consist of brainstorming new programs with peer groups.
  7. Master Classes – Master Classes may include the following, or more, options:
    1. Conference participants playing in the arts; or
    2. Conference participants observing students engaged in an arts master class.
  8. Learning Labs – Learning Labs are in-depth learning through high interactivity where attendees develop their skills while engaging with peers- all under the direction of facilitators featuring case studies and works in progress that introduce attendees to new and dynamic approaches and solutions.
  9. Rapid Demonstrations – Rapid Demonstrations may include quick demonstrations of teaching techniques, performances, hiring practices, or other specific illustrations of a technique or practice. 
  10. Inspiration Tours – Inspiration Tours are sessions conducted in alternative spaces:  art galleries, outdoors, studios, etc.
  11. Other – This is in no way an exhaustive list of creative, engaging, and interactive session formats.  Please feel free to create your own!

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